Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Settling in

So we've moved into our new home. We've gotten rid of the boxes and the garage looks like a war zone. The girls are really enjoying having a playroom again and I enjoy having all my stuff. Speaking of stuff, we have too much of it. We've lived without so much of it for 8 months that I feel like we don't really need it. I've already gone to Goodwill a thousand times.
We are really happy with the house and the neighborhood. We had the neighbors across the street over yesterday for a little cook out. We don't have grass in the backyard yet, so it makes it difficult to play back there. The girls finally got their swingset back from gma and gpas house. I'm still working on my masters and have been taking a 5 week class during all this moving stuff. It's been rough but I can see the light...

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