Thursday, December 4, 2008


We took the girls to Walt Disney World for their 5th birthday. We left the Saturday before Thanksgiving and came back on Black Friday. We had a marvelous time! The lines were long, the food expensive and the sun was shining. What better time to be had???? My mom came over from St. Pete and we went to Sea World, that was great. I actually got bitten by a dolphin. I know, only me, right??? He thought I was going to feed him, and well, I didn't have any food. He got me, no sharp teeth, but really really hard ones. It was like a dog nipping at you, trying to tell my to bug off if I don't have any food. On Thanksgiving we went to Tampa to see Jeremy's aunt and uncle. His mom came down from Atlanta with his niece. We ate with around 60 people we didn't know. What a fun time! It really was great fun to see the girls interact with all these people who seemed to think they were the best thing since sliced bread. When we got home I couldn't believe the laundry. I also couldn't believe the credit card bill!!! OMG!!!! Oh well, you only do that once, right???? I know, I know.....

Monday, November 17, 2008


So between my nose, Jeremy's nose (which is in Italy now) and Emma & Abby's nose we are full of snot at this house. I just heard another snot ball fly through the air as I type. Even the dog has snot. not inhale while visiting the Shiflett House.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trick or Treat

We had a really great time going Trick-or-treat in our new neighborhood. Abby fell once, Emma fell once and of course Mommy fell once! I guess it really is true: like mother like daughter. Emma and Abby really racked up on candy this year. Oh my! Here is a nice pic of them at school.

Monday, October 27, 2008


So, we made it through the weekend without anyone getting hurt. We had a birthday party for my step-mom this weekend and the only thing she asked for was for all the kids to be together. Well...sometimes blood is shed when my SIL and I get together. She thinks I'm perfect and a snot while I think she's...well, I won't go there. Anyways, it went really really well. The kids played so nicely together, no one was maimed and things were hunkydory! I'm kinda surprised at how well they went. I'm a neat(read control) freak and it makes me nervous to have 11 people in my house for an entire weekend. I actually had a great time. I told myself beforehand, self, you need to just let it go, it's just a house. It worked!!!! I actually don't mind if they come back, later...much later...

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wow! I haven't been a very good blogger lately have I??? I am a bad bad blogger. Things have been very busy here. Just a lot of stuff to do lately. The girls going to school every day and me with nothing to do...very time consuming. Jeremy graduated with his MBA and now it's my turn to start my masters with a vengence. I'm going to Ball State to get my masters in administration. We've all been fighting with our allergies, snot and sneezing. Lovely! We are getting excited for our trip to Disney in November for the week of Thanksgiving. Fun times!!! I'll try to be a better blogger!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Not a lot going on lately. We've been busy with everyday stuff. The girls start school tomorrow, PreK, M-F 12:30-2:45. I'm excited for them as they are excited to start. I'll be able to post more now I won't have to worry about one of them bopping the other on the head or strangling each other with their dress up necklaces. I'm hoping this time at school will be good for all 4 of us, that includes Marmaduke. I'll be back....

Monday, July 28, 2008

Nothing but joy in Brandyland

I am 3 days in without J and I am going banannas! I haven't slept in 2 nights because of fear of the unknown while my husband is flying across the world. Then last night the thunder and my darling daughter and her talking in her sleep. Hopefully tonight I will sleep like a log and will become refreshed for tomorrow. Things are okay here, but I do miss J and the girls sure do too. I just finished reading James Patterson's latest and I have to tell you I am a little surprised at how horrible the book was. It was purely lame. Sunday's at Tiffany's isn't worth your time.